What is Natural Rubber


  • Extensible
  • Stretchable
  • Tough
  • Ability to erase pencil marks


The first mention of rubber is being used for purpose other than sport was made in 1615, when having collected the whitish sticky sap oozing out from incision made in various trees, brushed in other their cloaks and obtained crude footwear and bottles by coating earthen molds and allowing them to dry.

Among the manufacturing products of rubber are mackintoshes, double textured waterproof cloaks , and rubber of other products and by-products of rubber, which are extensively used internationally and nationally. Strings were cut from the lumps and applied in their crude state to clothing and footwear.


Established by the decade 1820-1830. Vulcanization and the increased use of steam and electric power brought a large demand. Developing pneumatic tires for bicycles and tricycles in 1888. Also manufacturing solid tires for horse drawn carriages.

Young trees from Kew gardens subsequently transferred to Ceylon(Sri Lanka) and the Malay Peninsula where they formed the based of natural rubber plantation industry.

The changes from steel wheels to rubber tires on agricultural tractors in the early 1930s.

In the manufacturing process, crepe rubber and rubber smoked sheets (RSS) take the lead. Sri Lanka is the largest producer of high quality latex crepe rubber. Once the latex moves out of the tree entire process up to the manufacture of a product is in the hands of the workmen. The process needs a bulk of water and clean and near hands.

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